Diagnostic Profiler

Diagnostic Profiler

Model-based Expert System provides powerful fault detection and fault isolation for maintenance, embedded diagnostics and guided troubleshooting solutions.


Diagnostic Profiler


Embedded Diagnostic Systems
Guided Troubleshooting
Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Systems
Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)
Test Programs
Maintenance Aids

Superior Diagnostics

The Diagnostic Profiler run time uses a minimum set covering algorithm to identify the root cause of failure symptoms. This algorithm is very efficient because it uses both pass and fail symptom results. It provides meaningful information for all real world situations including out of order data, missing data, and next best test recommendations that take into account test order restrictions imposed by hardware or tester functionalities. The next best test recommendation can also be configured to give more consideration to tests which are less time consuming over test which are time consuming when both tests achieve the same diagnostic results. Failure rate information can also be used to configure the next best test algorithm to give more consideration to parts which fail frequently.

Cost Effective Model Development

Unlike other model-based approaches that require a full functional model of the equipment, the Diagnostic Profiler requires only the basic diagnostic information. It focuses engineering efforts on fault to symptom relationships. This approach greatly reduces the scope of model development. Unlike hard coded decision trees, the Diagnostic Profiler supports quick model adjustments that reduce the amount of work required to modify the diagnostics down to only the test execution code changes. This approach makes adjustments to diagnostics quick and easy. The Diagnostic Profiler includes several tools which can be used to validate and verify the diagnostic capability and support offline debugging. This reduces the resources needed to complete development.

Captures and Preserves Expert Knowledge

The Diagnostic Profiler provides the means to capture diagnostically relevant information about a system in a sustainable format. The model includes subject matter expert knowledge about the relationships of symptoms to faults. Once this information is captured, it can be deployed so that every technician has access to the smartest expert. With today's systems increasing in complexity, this capability is essential. For older systems where there are few experts left, it is an absolute must.

"We selected the Diagnostician software back in 2010, after comparing it to several available solutions. The Diagnostician tool is the core of our presses troubleshooting process, proved to be reliable and has excellent performance. The support team is friendly and fast responding." - Dan Koren, R&D System Engineer, HP Indigo

The Diagnostic Profiler supports multiple levels of maintenance. The same model can handle embedded tests such as Built-in Test (BIT), sensors and other automated tests, as well as operator driven tests, technician obtained tests, and low level offline testing.  Using pre-conditions, the run time software is smart enough to know which tests are available at what levels of maintenance.  In addition, it can log all test results and utilize logs from initial testing during lower level testing to formulate a complete and more accurate picture of the target equipment condition. At the end of a diagnostic session, the technician knows what the cause of the problem is and how to fix it including any replacement parts and repair procedures.  The Diagnostic Profiler model can be used to link diagnostics to parts ordering systems, logistics, and technical manuals.

Diagnostic Profiler

Diagnostic Profiler

About the Technology

The Diagnostic Profiler software includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing the diagnostic model which is then paired with the run time software component, the Diagnostician, to perform fault detection and isolation.  The software is scalable, extensible and hardware independent, taking data from any source.  The run time software has been hosted on a wide variety of environments including Microsoft Windows, Linux, National Instruments LabWindows/CVI and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).  Software interfaces for Microsoft.NET, Java and C/C++ are included.  The software architecture enables a wide variety of applications through its software service approach, offering a library of functions which can be invoked as needed by the host application.

Military and Commercial Significance

The Diagnostic Profiler software has been used extensively by the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army for test programs and IETMs. Harris Corporation uses the Diagnostic Profiler within its diagnostic application for the SPS-48 radar to direct maintenance technical procedures. Other commercial customers include SAAB and HP Indigo. Some customers choose to purchase the Diagnostic Profiler and develop their own models and applications. Other customers choose to contract Mikros to develop their models and applications.

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